Excico is a new Standard in Image Sensor Manufacturing

Excico paves the way as the standard technology for present and future Imaging Sensor Manufacturing.

"...Also critical is the annealing process, since this 5µm thin silicon film needs to include a very narrow implant gradient, to prevent recombination in the epi silicon and to push the photons down to the photo diodes. Since typical annealing ovens can only be controlled to about 30µm layer precision, the finer implant gradients require annealing with a nano-second, local heating laser process. The French equipment company Excico supplies a tool that uses a UV excimer type of laser source with a large spot for tight precision with better image quality and higher throughput."

Reference: Jerôme Baron, Yole Développement in "Back-side illumination, wafer-scale optics drive 2X-5X jump in CMOS image sensor performance" May 24, 2010 -